What’s next for me in 2023

Last week, I discussed my decision to move on from the company and team I helped build, then I shared what I’ve been up to since. Naturally, folks have reached out to ask: What’s next?

I’ve thought about that a lot and also reflected on the traps I fall into when I’ve asked questions like this before.

In the past when I considered the next thing, I’d become fixated on – even paralyzed by – questions like: What if I can’t eclipse my past success? I know the current thing works… What if the next thing doesn’t? What if I can’t hack it? What if I fail?

That led me to shy away from risk, choose the safe option, avoid big leaps and pass on opportunities because I wasn’t sure they were The Perfect Thing.

In contrast, in my personal life, I pursue new skills, projects and opportunities with abandon! I’ve gone from 0 to 80% proficiency in more skills than I can count, yielding kombucha tastier than anything I could buy, climbs and ski tours of beautiful mountain summits, a van with a furnace and high-end cabinetry and more.

When I finally identified this dichotomy, I considered the essential differences between the two. The realization hit me: My professional life is more defined by my fear of failure and desire to seek and preserve status.

I embrace the joy of learning through small failures in my personal life, but avoid it professionally.

Jumping to the unproven startup composed of nothing more than two founders and a dream was the first time I chose the riskier option professionally. And I was so much better for it!

The question then became: How can I best utilize this insight going forward?

The answer I arrived at was to not wait for the one best thing or to choose the safe and secure job. And it definitely isn't to prioritize a role that would swaddle me in the warm embrace of easy status.

Instead, my plan is to seek out new opportunities I find compelling, then build and release when I think it could have value to someone.

In specific terms, I’m planning to launch 10 projects, products or initiatives. These might be a product, a new business, a media project or something entirely different! I’ve identified the first 2-3 that I’ll be tackling, but haven’t figured out the rest.

The first of these initiatives is to help others benefit from what learnings I've gained along the way. I’m going to write daily, publish weekly, and try to reach 10,000 followers in 2023.

Stay tuned for more in the near future!